You should make a point of playing the two spectacular and great Golf Courses PEZULA and SIMOLA and also the tricky KNYSNA Golf course, all in close proximity to the guest house.

To Plettenberg and goose Valley takes you just 30 minutes. Plettenberg is a beautiful, old Place and Goose Valley is also very special and lovely integrated in the landscape.

The following Golf courses are available in 1 to 1 ½ hours drive: the beautiful, old George Golf course and the new Kingswood in George

Oubaai in Herold’s ‘ bay is the fantastic place of Ernie Else.
And there is Mossel bay: you can see the sea from every tee. Also a great place.

The Pinnacle point is also a very famous Golf Course and absolutely spectacular

Fancourt has three beautiful Golf Courses. Sometimes are guests allowed, sometimes not.  Just try it.

Pezula Golf Club
Ed       044 302 53 60                                   
Simon 044 302 53 07 

Simola Golf Club
Pro Shop 044 302 96 77

Knysna Golf Club
Pro Shop 044 1707 

Plettenberg Golf Club
Pro Shop 044 533 21 32 

Goose Valley Golf Club
Pro Shop 044 533 5082

George Golf Club
Pro Shop 044 873 6116 

Kingswood Golf Club 
Pro Shop 086 172 7170

Oubaai Golf Club

Pro Shop 044 851 1234

Mossel bay Golf Club
Pro Shop 044 691 2379 

Pinnacle Golf Club
Pro Shop 614 539 0722

Fancourt Golf Estate
044 804 0010